Since 2015, we have built a team of dedicated specialists to bring you the highest quality virtual pipe organ possible.

Meta Organworks Team

Daniel Lemieux, President & Artistic Director of Meta OrganworksDaniel Lemieux, CEO & Artistic Director

Dan studied organ performance and music history at The Eastman School of Music and SUNY-Buffalo. He founded Lemieux & Associates Pipe Organ Co., LLC in 2005 and Meta Organworks in 2015. His life’s work is the art and craft of quality organ building, using both traditional and innovative methodologies.

Dan has been immersed in the world of pipe organs since the age of 13 and has led many restoration, renovation, and building projects. One project that garnered national attention was building an organ for Bethesda Episcopal Church, Saratoga Springs, NY, which was donated by the famous actor David Hyde Pierce and his siblings.

Throughout the course of his career, Dan has seen an increased need for high-integrity yet cost-effective solutions for the churches with whom he works. After several years of research and development, including study trips abroad, he found an innovative way forward using a unique combination of the best technology of our day and age and a traditional acoustic pipe organ builder’s skill set. Dan views his work as both interpretive sacred art and a great deal of fun!

Melissa Burbank, Project Manager and Director of Marketing for Meta OrganworksMelissa Burbank, Project Manager and Director of Marketing

As project manager and marketing director at Meta Organworks, Melissa draws on her love of research, as well as her experience as a data scientist at Forrester, and media specialist at Mondo Mediaworks in southern Vermont.

Melissa has B.A. and M.A. degrees in psychology and sociology from Castleton University, a second masters in Justice studies from the University of New Hampshire, and all but dissertation completed for a doctorate in sociology.

In addition to managing ongoing new organ projects and performing various marketing activities at Meta Organworks, Melissa has also learned the challenges of traditional acoustic pipe organ work by assisting Lemieux and Associates with restoration projects and tuning sessions. Through her experience, Melissa has been able to play a vital role in the research and development of the Meta Virtual Pipe Organ as a valuable addition to the pipe organ tradition.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys crafting, spending time with her family, and traveling the world with Dan to visit famous pipe organs, many of which are also Hauptwerk sample sets.

Jim Hutchison, Design & CNC Expert for Meta OrganworksJim Hutchison, Design & CNC Expert

Jim spent 3 1/2 years in a formal apprenticeship at Schenectady General Electric, becoming a journeyman instrument maker at GE’s global research facility. Jim went on to create and co-own Interactive Instruments, Inc, which manufactured laboratory equipment for educational and industrial sectors.

Upon selling his shares in Interactive, he was introduced to Dan Lemieux and his team at Meta Organworks and was impressed with the enthusiasm, knowledge and vision to bring authentic pipe organ experiences to a customer base with increasingly limited resources. It was immediately apparent Jim’s skill set complimented MOW’s and with his extensive knowledge of advanced manufacturing, he made large contributions toward the design and production of components needed to realize MOW’s vision.

Jim’s support services include solid model sub-assemblies as directed by Dan which then can be considered for optimization. Once satisfied they meet his requirements for fit, function and aesthetics, these mathematical models then become a template to produce source code for our Computer Numerical Controlled machine tools.

Jack Case, Acoustics Consultant/Intern at Meta OrganworksJack Case, Acoustics Consultant/Intern at Meta Organworks

Jack has been with Meta Organworks for over 5 years, both as an intern and Acoustic Consultant. During this time, he has loved seeing the company grow and has enjoyed the endless learning and problem solving necessary to build virtual pipe organs.

Jack graduated from the University of Hartford in Connecticut with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Acoustics. While there, his focus was on Architectural Acoustics and he was also involved in theatrical sound and lighting for the school. In addition, Jack had designed and installed several PA systems for schools and other public venues. As he continues with Meta Organworks, he looks forward to seeing all of the amazing instruments that will come out of our shop in the future.

Jack is now working towards both a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Acoustics at Penn State. In his free time he enjoys playing piano, hiking, and cooking.