Meta Organworks Provides a Complete Musical Instrument

Get down to doing what you love: making music! Our technology brings a whole new level and dimension of realism to digital organ building—that’s why we call it virtual organ building. This technology gives you access to digital replicas of masterpiece organs and sets your musicality free—like all truly great instruments.

A Meta Organ is an Organ of Organs.

Touch screens allow for reconfiguration to access multiple distinguished pipe organs from one console. We curate the works of master builders into different sanctuaries, making their art come to life in your space. We can also augment your existing pipework with these same technologies Our goal at Meta Organworks is to respect, provide access to, and properly curate pipe organs of integrity, all in one organ console and at a high artistic level.

At the heart of a Meta Organ is a well-established software program called Hauptwerk, which allows access to hundreds of pipe organs that have been recorded, pipe-by-pipe, by experts from around the world. Whether it be new instruments or hybridization of an existing pipe organ, Meta uses this source material to build beautiful organs that perfectly match your space and needs. This approach to organ building achieves an incredible sound and flexibility that is affordable for most churches.

Concert organist, Peter Krasinski, plays Finlandia on the Meta Organ

Join the growing list of organists who already enjoy playing our Meta Organs.

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